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About Us

We love Modern. Modern design, Modern architecture, modern living. More than just an aesthetic, “Modern” embodies new construction techniques and materials, and new ways of addressing old problems. “Modern” is not just what you live in, but how you live. From attainability to sustainability, the singular thread that connects “Modern” is an outlook that embraces new possibilities in living and lifestyle.

Based in Austin, Texas, Modern Home Tours, LLC was founded by James Leasure and former partner Matt Swinney to introduce Modern architecture and living to people across the nation. Through fun and informative tours in dozens of cities across the United States and Canada, as well as carefully cultivated examinations of the people, places and things that define “Modern,” we invite you into some of the most exciting examples of Modern architecture and design in the nation. With carefully selected architects, neighborhoods and architecture, our home tours are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Not only will you learn about the cutting edge of home design while on our tours, but you might even get an idea or two for your next home project!

In addition to solely Modern home tours, we are excited to expand our “Smarter Spaces Tour” throughout 2014 and beyond. With a focus on efficient design that makes the very best use of available resources, Smarter Spaces will give you the opportunity to experience how some of the most creative minds in the field maximize tightly focused potential.

Best Regards,

James Leasure: Co-Founder, Modern Home Tours, LLC