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2013 in Review | Inviting Entrances

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2013 in Review | Inviting Entrances

When our favorite architects, designers, homebuilders, and homeowners create a unique living space, they know that coming home to something special starts at the front door.   Here are a few of our favorite “welcome home” moments from 2013.

1) This urban Chicago entrance blends the material of the city with the colors of the natural world.


2) To get into this home, just walk up the stairs and you’re ready for liftoff!
3) In urban areas like this San Diego loft/townhome, space is at a premium.  We were impressed by this unique storage solution, utilizing often wasted space in a high foyer.
4) It may not look particularly “modern,” but behind this colorful front door is a house built of 100% natural materials that is totally off the grid.
5) What more can we say?  The entryway from the front door of this house is simply amazing.

All photos copyright jClark and Modern Home Tours. 

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